I am a practical planner with a hint of perfection. I am constantly moving forward with my many tasks. I love helping people reach their potential and their goals. I am a wife, mother of six, grandmother of one, homeschool mom, 4-H leader, Cubmaster, and I run a Waldorf homeschool coop. I love gardening, soaking in the beaches sunshine, and I am recharged by being outside in nature.

I have homeschooled for 16 years and the most recent 5 have been using the Waldorf method. I love being with my children, I kn
ow how fast they grow up and move on. I want to be their hero, their queen and their wild fairy friend. I sometimes work too hard and forget to have fun. My temperament is a balanced choleric/sanguine. I love art in all forms. I didn’t love it before Waldorf came into my life. If there is a project that needs to be done, I will learn what it takes to accomplish it and trial and error are my best teachers. I have been able to grow in my Waldorf education by using Waldorf Essentials.

I believe when one begins the homeschooling journey they need a friend to help guide them to accomplish their goals. I can be that friend. Let’s get started on 
new adventures!

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