What exactly is Thinking Feeling Willing?

It is a lot. A lot of amazing things. A lot of amazing things to help you walk this path. 
​​​​​​​No really, what is it?! Without the hype and overly gushy, emotional, half asleep mama talk?  

The Mom Lessons take you through all the steps you need for this journey - some you may have already guessed and some you probably didn't think mattered.  When Melisa started this journey more than fifteen years ago, she realized something giant.  She realized that Waldorf homeschooling is 80% MOM and only about 20% Waldorf.  She packed these lessons with the 80 AND the 20!

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​​​​​​​The Mom Lessons

No, really! I promise it is.  Let me tell you about it.

Shall we talk about the training? It is pretty fabulous.

Let's hear what others are saying...

​​​​​​​It is curriculum.

​​​​​​​It is training.

​​​​​​​It is support.

Let's start with the curriculum.

What are you looking for in a Waldorf inspired curriculum? Are you looking for laid out lessons? A hand to hold when you get stuck? This is exactly what Melisa had in mind while she was writing!  When she started Waldorf at home with her own children, she struggled to find the right fit for her family.  She had several children and really needed an author that fully understood what she was going through each day.  There was nothing on the market that came even close to meeting her needs. 

So she wrote it. 

She got to know some Waldorf master teachers and picked their brains.  Then she coupled that with her awesome Mom Super Powers of what she knew a simple yet in-depth curriculum would need.  And she wrote it. She wrote a detailed, laid out curriculum that moms can use. She included online content, pictures to go along with their main lessons to get them started and then she also did something pretty crazy - she offered support.  She is available via email, messenger, Facebook groups AND through leaders like me! 

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Is this for everyone?

I'm not going to lie just to get your business, that's not how I work.  I want you to realize the great potential  you have inside you.  I can't make you realize it. You have to be ready.

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Support. Plain and simple. Except sometimes it is more complex.

Support is huge.  This can be a hard road and support is vital.  Many of us struggle to get that support from friends and family.  In 2016, Melisa had the realization that while she could help many with her coaching long distance, the REAL pieces that were needed, were feet on the ground IN the area that YOU are in.  As a Leader, I have the ability to bring you my own experience face to face, and I can call upon Melisa if I get stuck or need extra help with something a local family might be facing. 

Still not convinced?

Drop me a note! Let's get together and see if I can answer any questions or concerns you might have.  I get it!  This is a big chunk of money, I want you to feel absolutely ready to take this step.

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Are you ready to run with me?  Let me help you reach your goals! You probably want to know how much it will cost! We have some payment options for you.

If you have been struggling on this path or overwhelmed with the options, this program might just be your answer.  Have a seat and let's talk. 

What can the Waldorf Essentials,  Thinking Feeling Willing program do for you?

One payment of $567

One payment
Access to everything described above.
Saves you $93 over paying monthly.

Two monthly payments of $283.50

Take two months to pay.
Access to everything described above. Saves you $93 over paying monthly.

12 monthly payments of $55

Take 12 months to pay.
Access to everything described above

My personal journey with this program... All along my homeschooling journey I was always searching for something better or more but not knowing what I was searching for. I used the Classical approach for at least 10 years. I raised 3 very smart kids, which are now adults, one a nuclear engineer and one a linguist and one is off to college. They had a rough time with me though. I was their drill sergeant. It was not the way I wanted. Their hearts were not full. Sure we laughed and had fun times but everything was about getting it done and completing it instead of loving it or wanting to keep that knowledge forever. Then a friend told me about Waldorf. Her children were not reading yet and she wasn’t teaching them. I was appalled at first but I let her tell me why. Her son was my favorite child. He was so thoughtful and kind. Plus he was so cool for a kid. I decided to try out Waldorf Essentials. I was so excited to find art and heart and feeling and substance all together in one way of learning. WHAT!? Excitedly, I bought the TFW program, which was the least expensive full curriculum I ever ordered! It is the best purchase I have made yet. I followed the plan, for real. I read it all, sometimes after some prodding by Melisa. Her support was phenomenal! I laugh because I get bored quite quickly and change things around so often normally. This time I stuck it out and I have the knowledge I need to have a rhythm, to learn and teach handwork, support their hearts, create wonder and oh my goodness I learned art and I learned we all love it so much. There is peace in my home. There are still 3 crazy kids but they are full of love and openness to all. They love meeting new people, learning new cultures and mythologies, they enjoy art, cooking, building and we all can knit. Come and try it out! Waldorf Essentials offers the support I needed for years while homeschooling. Don’t wait until your kids are grown, you can’t make your kids homeschool because they get to make those choices. I have been blessed with the change that the Thinking Feeling Willing program has offered and its only getting better!